Food & Drinks



Gianpiero’s philosophy and passion for food was cultivated at childhood and developed while working in the food industry for the past 15 years.


Gianpiero and his team strive to make dishes that fulfil a true Italian and Portuguese most essential senses – exceptional tasty but simple food, beautifully presented in austere but welcoming surroundings. Ingredients are sourced from around Britain and reach further into the Mediterranean with Moorish influences revealing dishes with bold yet clean and distinct flavours.

Please note that our menus changes on a regular basis, so always check out our menu page for the most up to date menu selections


Relax in our outside seating area or inside for a more cosy seating in the bar area for an informal lunch, an aperitif before dinner or for cocktails in the evening. The bar serves a selection of Prosecco, Champagne and Italian Wines by the glass as well as by the bottle.

The bar offers the restaurant’s A la Carte menu.

The Aperitivo, a consolidated Italian tradition of enjoying appetisers with your pre-dinner drinks, is upheld at Mia Port Due by offering a range of aperitivi cocktails, which are served with one specially prepared small plate with compliments from the chef.


By using top quality ingredients, our cocktails are made with flair and elegance to provide a memorable experience to our guests. The cocktail list at Mia Porto due offers a nice selection on the menu


The concept of our wine list is to bring out the true essence of Italy and Portugal and its diversity. Our wines also represent our philisophy – we believe in small, environmentally committed producers and are proud to offer wines from less knows regions such as Calabria, Lombardia, Emilia Romana.